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  • Part 3 – Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification in Financial Markets Securities Markets are Machinery Now. This raises the question of how to best participate in the world’s new wired markets. People who use information technology most effectively will be rewarded. Artificial intelligence (AI) as an academic discipline began at the famous 1955 Dartmouth conference organized by John […]

  • Chapter 11 – Three Hundred Years of Stock Market Manipulations
  • 300 Years of Stock Market Manipulations – From the Coffeehouse to the World Wide Web’s Stock Manipulations In previous chapters, we saw that many of the changes in securities markets brought about by information technology in general and the Internet in particular are positive, democratizing access to markets and information. We also saw that technology […]

  • Chapter 10 – Collective Intelligence, Social Media, and Web Market Monitors
  • Web Market Monitors and the Impact of Social Media on Financial Markets “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.” — Simon & Garfunkel, The Sound of Silence Opinions vary widely on the value of collective wisdom, with ample supporting evidence both for and against. The Internet has many positive examples: The […]