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  • Chapter 08 – Perils and Promise of Evolutionary Computation on Wall Street
  • Using Genetic Algorithms, Optimization Models, and Evolutionary Computation on Wall Street “Be careful what you ask for — you might get it.” My enthusiasm for machine learning, described at the end of the previous chapter, led me to kiss many artificial intelligence ( AI ) frogs. This included many flavors of inductive and explanation – […]

  • Contents of “Nerds on Wall Street”
  • Foreword by Ted Aronson Part 1 – Wired Markets Chapter 1: An Illustrated History of Wired Markets Chapter 2: Greatest Hits of Computation in Finance Chapter 3: Algorithm Wars Part 2 – Alpha as Life Chapter 4: Where Does Alpha Come From? Chapter 5: A Gentle Introduction to Computerized Investing Chapter 6: Stupid Data Miner […]