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  • Part 3 – Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification in Financial Markets Securities Markets are Machinery Now. This raises the question of how to best participate in the world’s new wired markets. People who use information technology most effectively will be rewarded. Artificial intelligence (AI) as an academic discipline began at the famous 1955 Dartmouth conference organized by John […]

  • Chapter 09 – The Text Frontier – AI, IA, and the New Research
  • Hunting Investment Alpha and Trading Alpha from Online News, Social Media, and Rumors Alpha hunters are always looking for new territory. When a strategy becomes known and used by too many players, the collective market impact of getting in and getting out will squeeze out all the profit juice, and only the lowest-cost transactors (large […]

  • Chapter 04 – Where Does Alpha Come From?
  • Where Does Stock Alpha and Alpha Return Come From? “Life Is Alpha. The Rest Is Details.” — Popular T-shirt at hedge fund manager events There was a time not too long ago when, if you posed the question “Where does alpha come from?” to a roomful of academic financial economists, most of them would complain: […]