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  • Part 4 – Nerds Gone Wild – Wired Markets in Distress
  • Financial Nerds Gone Wild – Global Markets in Distress The original plan for this book stopped after the three parts that you’ve just read. These parts are about how markets became machines, and about using more machines to pick stocks and trade them electronically, bringing in an assortment of nifty ideas from finance and computer […]

  • Chapter 14 – Nerds Gone Green – Nerds on Wall Street, off Wall Street
  • Clean Energy and Nerds off Wall Street This book closes with another chapter that, like the previous two, I didn’t expect to be writing. Recent headlines (Wall Street layoffs could reach 200,000, Citigroup is cutting 50,000 jobs) imply that many nerds on Wall Street (NOWS), mostly innocent bystanders in the meltdown, may soon find themselves […]

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