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  • Nerds on Wall Street
  • The Impact of Technology on Wall Street and Investing Choose any link below to go to that section: Overview of "Nerds on Wall Street" Contents of "Nerds on Wall Street" Introduction to Nerds on Wall Street Praise for "Nerds On Wall Street" More Praise for "Nerds on Wall Street" Forward by Ted Aronson Part 1 […]

  • Praise for “Nerds On Wall Street”
  • “Leinweber isn’t half as crazy as people said! He foresaw the profound change that wired technology would bring to markets (robots trading millions of shares in six milliseconds). Now he nails the Stupid Financial Engineering Tricks that dumped the markets, and offers his patented, sound insights on how the nerds will help bring us back.” […]

  • Contents of “Nerds on Wall Street”
  • Foreword by Ted Aronson Part 1 – Wired Markets Chapter 1: An Illustrated History of Wired Markets Chapter 2: Greatest Hits of Computation in Finance Chapter 3: Algorithm Wars Part 2 – Alpha as Life Chapter 4: Where Does Alpha Come From? Chapter 5: A Gentle Introduction to Computerized Investing Chapter 6: Stupid Data Miner […]