More Praise for “Nerds on Wall Street”

“New technologies are exploited first by “alpha geeks,” folks with the skills to push the envelope. This is as true on Wall Street as it was on the web. Leinweber was one of those alpha geeks, but is also the first to chronicle the innovation process from early adopter to mainstream acceptance.”

Tim O’Reilly
Founder & CEO, O’Reilly Media

“Nerds on Wall Street is a wild, funny ride though the technological changes that underpin modern financial markets. You will find yourself laughing out loud at what could otherwise be a dry subject. And, if you’re not careful, you might even learn something!”

Richard R. Lindsey
Chairman, International Association of Financial Engineers
Principal, Callcott Group LLC

“Who says there is neither wit nor wisdom on Wall Street? This account of the evolution of quantitative finance is an invaluable guide for anyone seeking to understand everything from how indexed investing works to the nature of that elusive concept, ‘alpha’. The accessible style and deadpan humor make this a book that even those with an advanced case of fear of mathematical formulae can understand and enjoy.”

Suzanne McGee
Wall Street Journal & Barrons

“Nerds on Wall Street is a thoughtful, funny, and comprehensive history of the overlooked role geeks have played in our financial markets from the earliest days of telegraphy, to the current crisis. The book is an irreverent “I Was There” chronicle of how markets were formed from silicon, savvy and software. Highly recommended.”

Paul Kedrosky
Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation
Editor of “Infectious Greed

“Clear, light language and wry humor mask David Leinweber’s exhaustive compendium of technological innovations for and impacts on asset trading. Leinweber brings an entrepreneur’s experience and an academic’s perspective to financial technology; and has produced the definitive work, as up-to-date as it is encyclopedic.”

David K. Whitcomb
Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Automated Trading Desk
Professor of Finance Emeritus, Rutgers University

“Thoughtful insights covering trading, investment practice and system design encased in humor by an expert in all four: a good and practical read.”

Evan Schulman
“Father of Program Trading”
Founder, Tykhe, LLC.

“For decades Dave has not only understood more investment technology than anyone, but with patience and a great sense of humor, he has made the effort to explain it to his less tech savvy friends. Nerds on Wall Street is a home run for us all.”

Richard Rosenblatt
CEO, Rosenblatt Securities

“If you’re interested in what computers are doing with your money, then this book is for you.”

Richard Peterson, MD
Managing Director, MarketPsy Capital LLC
Author, “Inside the Investor’s Brain

“In David’s words, the stock market is a “victim not a cause” of the great mess of 2008. It’s refreshing to read a book with such insight during these difficult times. I applaud David Leinweber for this timely masterpiece.”

Bill Aronin
Co-founder, Quantitative Analytics, Inc
Senior Manager, Thomson Reuters

“David is one of the top practitioners in the fields of textual analysis and sentiment and its application to trading. Leveraging “smart” machines to parse and extract signal from massive quantities of textual data is hard, and David’s work has put him at the vanguard of the next wave of alpha generation.”

Roger Ehrenberg
Managing Partner, Information Arbitrage and IA Capital Partners

“Dr. Leinweber continues to be a patron saint of any nerd who stumbles onto Wall Street. Many of his most insightful ideas are here in this book, the utility of which are only matched by the humor of their presentation. As the markets have changed in 2008, the need to collect, process, and understand novel information sources has never been greater.”

Jacob Sisk
Quantextual Nerd Extraordinaire, Infoshock, Yahoo!

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