Contents of “Nerds on Wall Street”

Foreword by Ted Aronson

Part 1 – Wired Markets

Chapter 1: An Illustrated History of Wired Markets
Chapter 2: Greatest Hits of Computation in Finance
Chapter 3: Algorithm Wars

Part 2 – Alpha as Life

Chapter 4: Where Does Alpha Come From?
Chapter 5: A Gentle Introduction to Computerized Investing
Chapter 6: Stupid Data Miner Tricks

Part 3 – Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification

Chapter 7: A Little AI Goes a Long Way on Wall Street
Chapter 8: Perils and Promise of Evolutionary Computation on Wall Street
Chapter 9: The Text Frontier: AI, IA, and the New Research
Chapter 10: Collective Intelligence, Social Media, and Web Market Monitors
Chapter 11: Three Hundred Years of Stock Market Manipulations: From the Coffeehouse to the World Wide Web

Part 4 – Nerds Gone Wild – Wired Markets in Distress

Chapter 12: Shooting the Moon: Stupid Financial Technology Tricks
Chapter 13: Structural Ideas for the Economic Rescue: Fractional Homes and New Banks
Chapter 14: Nerds Gone Green: Nerds on Wall Street, off Wall Street

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