Nerds on Wall Street

  • Praise for “Nerds On Wall Street”
  • “Leinweber isn’t half as crazy as people said! He foresaw the profound change that wired technology would bring to markets (robots trading millions of shares in six milliseconds). Now he nails the Stupid Financial Engineering Tricks that dumped the markets, and offers his patented, sound insights on how the nerds will help bring us back.” […]

  • More Praise for “Nerds on Wall Street”
  • “New technologies are exploited first by “alpha geeks,” folks with the skills to push the envelope. This is as true on Wall Street as it was on the web. Leinweber was one of those alpha geeks, but is also the first to chronicle the innovation process from early adopter to mainstream acceptance.” Tim O’Reilly Founder […]

  • Forward by Ted Aronson
  • Nerds on Wall Street Forward by Ted Aronson Quantitative finance is not a topic usually associated with laughter. That is about to change with the publication of Nerds on Wall Street. I was first exposed to Dave Leinweber’s wit when he delivered a speech entitled “Nerds on Wall Street.” I believe the event happened 20 […]